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WorkBC Resource Centre Policies

This WorkBC Resource Centre is designed to assist individuals who are actively searching for employment or training opportunities and/or researching an idea for self-employment.  By entering the MCES Resource Centre and accessing the services you are agreeing to abide by the following policies:


The Resource Centre is a public space.  It is your decision whether or not you discuss your resume, cover letter or job search within this public space. If you require more privacy, you are welcome to make an appointment with an Employment Coach.  There is no expectation of privacy of your information when accessing and using the public Resource Centre or computer lab computers.

Computer Use

Computers and Internet access are for job search purposes only, such as resume development, research, available training, career assessments and completing on-line job applications. Research for investment opportunities, or operating your business, accessing personal email or social media not related to job search are not permitted. The Resource Centre staff will monitor activity to ensure that the resources are only being used for job search activity. You will be asked to leave if the resources are used for personal or business purposes.  No software may be installed or downloaded by participants. No disks may be inserted.

Internet Access and Use

No inappropriate material may be viewed. This includes and is not limited to pornography or violence material of any nature where the rights of others are in violation. Downloading of data, programs or images is not permitted. MCESI reserves the right to monitor individual internet use.

Use of Cell Phones

Employment related calls are permitted if they are not disruptive to other clients.  Camera or video capability on Cell Phones is prohibited in the Resource Centre.

Copier and Printer

The photocopier and printer are for work search related documents only. A maximum of 10 copies of resumes and cover letters may be made per day.  Speak to the Customer Service Representative for instructions and access.

Workshop Privileges

We have limited registration for workshops.  If a person has requested a workshop but is not able to attend, they are expected to call our offices  to cancel or to reschedule.

Use of Print Materials

The Resource Centre has an assortment of Newspapers, magazines and books which are for use in the Resource Centre only and must not be removed.

Phone Use

The Courtesy Phones are for legitimate work search related calls only and will be limited in time or frequency during busy times.

Consideration & Respect for Others

Clients and staff are entitled to:

  • Polite, courteous, professional and respectful treatment at all times.
  • An atmosphere free from violence, physical, emotional or verbal abuse, profanity, intimidation and bullying. Raised voices, swearing, intimidation, verbal hostility or physical harassment will not be tolerated.  You will be asked to leave immediately and may be prohibited from returning.
  • Use of drugs and alcohol are not permitted on site. Persons under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol are not permitted in the Centre and will be asked to leave
  • Personal grooming must be appropriate for job search and access and use of the Resource Centre. You may be asked to leave with your misuse of this policy.

Food and Drink

All food and drinks are prohibited in all areas of the Resource Centre except at the round table area at the front of the Resource Centre.  Participants are kindly requested to clean up after themselves.

Dress Code

Part of the preparation for employment is related to what you wear. Therefore, clients are expected to be dressed appropriately while here in the Centre. This includes: Shoes and shirts must be worn and no bikini tops or short shorts.


The only animals that are allowed in the Centre are those which are assisting disabled clients.

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