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Apprentice Services

An apprentice is someone who is registered in an Industry Training Authority (ITA) approved training program. Apprentices who meet Employment Insurance (EI) client eligibility requirements are eligible for financial supports through the program while participating in the classroom technical training components of their apprenticeship training. Most apprentices will have an employer sponsor with whom they are completing the on-the-job components of their apprentice training.

Eligible clients who do not have a sponsor and who are seeking to access apprenticeship training, and apprentices who have lost their employer sponsorship due to lay-off, may be considered for case management services to assess their need and eligibility for apprentice services and to help them establish an employer relationship.

Case vs Non-Case Managed Apprenticeships

Apprentices are either case managed and will have their employment needs assessed as other eligible program clients or non-case managed and are served through the Apprentice On-Line Portal (AOP).

Historically, approximately 80% of apprentices applying for financial supports have not required case management services. In the EPBC, this is expected to continue and these apprentices will be served through the AOP.

Apprenticeship Information

EI and EPBC Apprentice Benefits:

You must start the application process a minimum of 4 weeks PRIOR to your school start date. You must follow these steps for every level; including training that is completed back to back.

Who Can Apply:

You are on a current EI Claim, you are applying for EI, or have been on EI in the past 5 years, and:

  • are an ITA registered apprentice with or without an Employer or Union Sponsor, or
  • are unemployed, pre-existing ITA Registered Apprentices who have an Employer Sponsor, but are without a return to work date

If you do not meet the above criteria or are unsure of eligibility, contact WorkBC 778-478-8394 a minimum of four weeks prior to the course start date for further assessment.

Essential Steps

There are 2 separate but connected applications: WorkBC Apprentice Online Portal AND Service Canada Employment Insurance (EI). The following steps are very specific and must be done completely and in order.

  1. Apply on the Apprentice Online Portal (AOP) for financial supports and to ensure processing of your EI claim and click on apply here.

    • Required: ITA number, Social Insurance Number, direct deposit banking information, correct start and end dates of your class. You will need to have a Basic BCeID; if you do not have one the AOP application will redirect you to create one.
    • An email with a link to your 16 digit reference code required for EI will be sent within 4 days after completing the application in full.
  2. Apply for Employment Insurance (EI) no sooner than 7 days before and no later than the first week of your Apprentice Training, or you will not be eligible to receive AOP financial supports. You will need to enter your 16 digit AOP confirmation code on the EI application as there may be a delay in processing time if you do not supply the code at initial application.

    Apply online – Service Canada # 306, 471 Queensway Ave, Kelowna, BC

    • Already have an active EI claim? Do not re-apply for EI Benefits. If you currently have an active EI claim and will be submitting EI claimant reports to Service Canada in the 2 weeks prior to attending school, you have a Continuing Claim. On your claimant report, you must indicate that you are attending Apprenticeship Training. To ensure there is no interruption in benefits, contact Service Canada immediately and provide the 16 digit Apprentice EI Reference Code and Apprentice Training start and end dates.

If you have any questions, please contact WorkBC at 778-478-8390
1460 Pandosy St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1P3

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