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Case Management

Case management is provided to EPBC clients who are assessed by the EPBC service provider to require more intensive services and support than services available in the resource room area to achieve labour market attachment.

Clients potentially needing case management services may be identified at reception during their initial visit to the WorkBC ESC, or while accessing the resource room area, and are offered formal needs assessments to determine their employment needs and readiness and confirm the need for case management.

Case management is a collaborative process between a case manager and a client to support the client in achieving the highest level of labour market participation possible.

Case Management Process

The case management process involves:

  • Assessing a client’s employment readiness and employment-related needs
  • Assisting the client to identify a realistic and achievable employment objective(s)
  • Develop a mutually agreed upon action plan that supports the client while achieving employment objectives
  • Providing employment counselling, services, and financial supports (where identified as needed through a financial needs assessment) to assist the client to achieve labour market attachment
  • A client needs assessment that considers the needs of individuals with specialized employment needs (Qualified case managers with expertise in delivering employment services to specialized populations ensure that employment services are integrated with other needed community services.)
  • Supporting and monitoring the client in completing the steps identified in their action plan, until the client has successfully achieved and maintained a labour market or community attachment outcome
  • Job coaching and job maintenance/retention services during the followup period

Case Managed Services

Case managed services are those services provided to or for case managed clients. These include employment support services (including placement services) and self-employment orientation and assessment.

Employment Support Services

Employment Support Services (ESS) include:

  • Group-based workshops and/or individual employment counselling sessions on topics related to preparing for, finding, obtaining and maintaining employment
  • Group workshops and individual sessions generally focused on job search and employment, but may also include topics that support clients to improve employment readiness). In some cases, group workshops may also include short-term orientation and certificate training courses that are required for entry level jobs in an occupation or industry.

Eligible Clients

Customized job placement services and work experience placement services are designed to assist eligible case managed clients, such as those with disabilities or other significant barriers to employment, who:

  • Require intensive, individualized support to obtain jobs
  • Need work experience to improve their ability to find and maintain employment

List of Services

These case managed services include:

  • Job development services
  • Customized employment development services, including Customized Employment Option for Self-Employment
  • Unpaid work experience placements
  • Wage subsidy work experience placements with employers
  • Job creation partnerships work experience placements on community benefit projects
  • Project Based Labour Market Training
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